Performer Info

Our 2016 season is fully booked now. If you are interested in performing at the Jericho Folk Club in 2017, please read our home page to get a sense of our venue. There are two important aspects of our evening that may be a challenge for some artists.

Firstly, we are an acoustic venue. There is no need for sound reinforcement and we cannot accommodate artists who insist on using amplification. Our audience is attentive, and participatory when invited.

Secondly, we have a fixed door price, currently set at $10. Some artists may expect an entry fee well beyond that figure but we are committed to maintaining affordable entry for our clientele. We pay our performers 90% of the door take after expenses. The room accommodates 70 people and so a sell out usually generates about $450 for the artists.  We do pay SOCAN fees so if you are a member you should file a claim with them. Also, we are happy to manage CD sales for artists and direct all of the revenue from such sales to them.

When we have solo acts, we like to offer double bill features, if both parties find this agreeable. On such an evening we do not have an open stage and instead have two 50 minute concerts from the feature artists. This strategy helps us meet the exceptional demand for performing spots and it helps us fill the room because each artist brings some attendance from their followers. The door take is split evenly.

We promote our shows with a season’s calendar on our web-site, a monthly poster distributed around town, a weekly email campaign to the 200 or so names on our mailing list, and with a mailing to radio folk (the CBC and CFRO have been particularly supportive). For all the media we need a JPG picture and a 40 word bio. For the web-site and radio mailing we like to have an MP3 audio clip. 

We have also found it very important for acts to promote their show among their own following. This goes a long way in filling the room. 

Applications for the 2017 season will be accepted in mid January 2017. Please contact our Artistic Director, Georgina Arntzen, at